Apply for a Grant

The Martis Fund Grant Application Process

The Martis Fund carries out its mission through three major fund programs: Conservation Open Space; Habitat and Forest Restoration and Management Fund; and the Workforce Housing Fund. The programs are funded by community benefits fees.

  • The Conservation Open Space Fund supports acquisition, maintenance and restoration of open space in Eastern Placer County and the broader region.
  • The Habitat and Forest Restoration and Management Fund supports habitat management and restoration in Eastern Placer County and the broader region.
  • The Workforce Housing Fund supports projects that promote workforce housing development; transit; passive recreation and management and enhancement of open space serving workforce housing; and related community purposes in Eastern Placer County and the broader region.

The Martis Fund Board meets quarterly and considers grant applications at each meeting. Meetings are held in March, June, September, and November each year. To be considered, please submit your grant application by the 1st of each of these months. The basic steps for organizations interested in applying for a grant from the Martis Fund are:

STEP 1: Review the Martis Fund website to learn about our grant programs

The first step in the grant application process is learning if grant support from the Martis Fund is available for your project or program. The Martis Fund provides grants in the three program areas listed above.

STEP 2: Contact the Martis Fund to discuss your project

This is an opportunity to get to know the Martis Fund and to determine if your project is a fit and eligible for funding.

STEP 3: Submit a grant application

Once you have discussed your project with the Martis Fund, the next step is to submit a grant application. Click here to begin your application.

STEP 4: Review process by the Martis Fund:

Remember to contact the Martis Fund FIRST prior to applying for a grant. The Martis Fund will evaluate each grant application to determine whether the project or program meets the Fund’s criteria and advances the Fund’s mission.

For questions regarding the grant making process or for general questions please contact Thank you!