Conservation Open Space Fund

Grant Program Purpose

The Conservation Open Space Fund supports acquiring, maintaining and restoring open space in the region. The Fund’s current priority is for projects located in eastern Placer County or elsewhere in the region. Candidate projects and programs are either for acquisition of open space or for maintaining and restoring protected open space lands and must be a 501c3 organization.

As used in these grant guidelines:
  • A “project” is an activity or series of activities taking place on the ground having a direct effect of maintaining and restoring open space or optimizing conservation values. Examples include meadow restoration, erosion control, tree planting, etc.
  • A “program” is an activity or series of activities that indirectly, but clearly, support such projects. Examples include developing plans for projects, conservation value assessments to identify project priorities, developing institutional capacity to more effectively implement projects, etc.

Open Space Fund Guidelines

Projects and programs funded by The Martis Fund must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a 501c3 organization.
  • The project or projects supported by a program is or are located in eastern Placer County or elsewhere in the region.
  • The project or program will:
    • Result in the acquisition of permanent open space eastern Placer County or elsewhere in the region,
    • Result in management or restoration of protected lands for optimal conservation values.
    • Leverage or develop and expand existing institutional capacity and other funding sources supporting either or both of the objectives listed above.
  • The proposed project or program does not duplicate projects or programs funded, pending or underway by other organizations except for partnerships or matching requests described below.
  • The applicant is working with appropriate partners (e.g., Truckee River Watershed Council, Truckee Donner Land Trust, Northern Sierra Partnership, and Wildlife Conservation Board) and is seeking matching funds from other sources or demonstrated that such partnership would not benefit the proposed project or outcome.
  • The applicant has reviewed and considered applying to other grant programs, including, but not limited to the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Nature Fund and Sierra Nevada Conservancy, and determined that the proposed project most closely fits the Conservation Open Space outcomes and no other source of funding or project support is available unless it would be a match.
  • The proposed project or program does not involve direct political or religious activities, debt reduction or loans, activities that have already been funded or for which other funding is currently being sought, or activities that have been completed (other than existing or proposed matching funds described in the application).

Grant Program Administration

Organizations interested in seeking a grant must first contact the Martis Fund prior to submitting a grant application. Interested applicants should carefully review the guidelines for each fund before applying. Please see HERE to learn more about how to apply.