Martis Camp Community Benefit Fee

To support The Martis Fund’s open space, habitat restoration, and workforce housing work in the Martis Valley, The Fund collects a community benefit fee (also referred to as a conveyance fee) equal to 1% of the purchase price on each property transfer within Martis Camp.

Buyers and sellers of property in Martis Camp are jointly responsible for ensuring the 1% fee is timely paid. The fee is due to The Fund when documents transferring the property are recorded with Placer County.

You can pay the 1% fee to the Fund through escrow. You also have the option of paying the fee directly to The Fund if your transfer occurs outside of escrow. To assist in processing the payment, The Fund requests that you fill out and submit the Conveyance Fee Form with your payment no later than your transfer date.

The 1% fee applies to traditional arm’s length sales between unrelated parties. The fee also applies to intra-family transfers, transfers into and out of a trust, transfers involving closely held corporations, and other similar transfers, unless an exemption applies and is appropriately and timely documented with The Fund and the County (as required by state law).

You can find detailed information regarding the fee in the Amended Declaration Imposing Conveyance Fee Covenant and Lien, recorded in 2008 against all residential parcels in Martis Camp.

For general information about the Martis Fund please contact Thank you!